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**Note to our customers** EC smokes Vapor shop 138 Midland Ave Garfield.  Carries a huge assortment a Vaping products . 
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Everyone knows at this point that smoking is something that can become an addiction. It is also something that has serious health impacts on one's life. It is important to note these things because there are possible solutions to avoiding smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes are the latest trend that help those who are current smokers or those who would like to try it to avoid the negative health effects that come with smoking. With this type of cigarette, there is no tar, no tobacco, and there is also no second hand smoke. 
The use of electronic cigarettes has helped some to be able to lose their unhealthy addiction to nicotine cigarettes. That is very important since those individuals would otherwise have to deal with the problem of long term addiction to this type of unhealthy habit. But perhaps the biggest advantage to electronic cigarettes over traditional smoke cigarettes is that they are cheaper over time.  To keep you in loop on all things E Cigs, EC Smokes brings you the the latest news and updates on e cigarette flavors and the technology behind E cigs. We do the legwork to make sure you can make an informed decision regarding your ecig purchases.

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