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Big Tobacco ? Small Electronic Cigarette companies ?

Posted by written by JP from EC smokes on 6/28/2013 to Electronic Cigarettes
Big Tobacco ? Small Electronic Cigarette companies ? Whoís worried about big tobacco ? Lets see a show of hands ( my hand is not raised ) who thinks that electronic cigarettes are just a fad and will soon be forgotten ? ( again my hand is not raised ) while no one knows anything for sure. itís a good bet and common sense will tell you. Big tobacco like Marlboro and Newport would not be getting involved. if this was going away. If you didnít already know Lorillard tobacco company is Newport and they bought Blu electronic cigarettes. Altria is Marlboro and there getting ready to throw their hat into the ring. Their reason. Sales!!!! The tobacco companies are feeling the loss of sales directly related to the electronic cigarette business . And they wont be denied. They want their share of the pie. Actually they want more then their share they want it all. With politics and big money. This electronic cigarette thing is not going away anytime soon. Here is a example of politics and big money at its worse. Its illegal to murder some one. As it should be. But its legal to sell Cigarettes and we know for a fact. That millions of people have died and will die a horrible death directly caused by tobacco cigarettes. Does it stop the sales ? Hell no. too much big money going around. Lets talk about Electronic cigarettes. Only nicotine and flavored water. That makes a vapor. Is it deadly ? No. is it good for you ? No . nicotine by itself is not great for you. But neither is caffeine or the hundreds of other products we use. But not killers by themselves. The FDA is bad mouthing E cigarettes. Customs slows down the importation from china . But wait until the taxation is in position and the big tobacco companies are ready. Watch how fast things change and watch the difference in attitude about this subject. I believe it was the owner of Logic that said it best. Electronic cigarettes are a part of the technology industry not tobacco. So we donít know what theses companies are going to come up with. Its still up to the public to decide what they like. So if I Am lucky. EC smokes will be around a while. If not. Its been a pleasure serving you!
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