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Posted by Administrator on 8/15/2013 to Electronic Cigarettes
EC smokes has finally thrown its hat into the disposable Hookah ring. after many months of debating weather or not we at EC smokes wanted to go down this road or not. we finally decided to go ahead and do so. mostly at the request of our faithful customers. Our initial thoughts were, we already have electronic cigarettes with 11 different flavors. What more could this move to for anybody. But after researching and doing a lot of home work on these portable hookahs We realized. Its not about smoking. Its not about quitting smoking. Its not even about smoking healthier. Its about socializing. that�s it! Now I�m and old F-- never mind lets just say I�m old. When I was younger. We hung out at the coke machine. I�m talking the kind you stuck your hand in ice cold water to get the bottle. Then it was the soda shop. Chocolate egg creams. Then just hanging around smoking cigarettes. It�s the same thing today. People at work or at bars or many other places where you cant smoke indoors. You will find a small group of people running out for a quick smoke and socializing. Here comes the Hookah. People started gathering at hookah parlors and such to smoke the hookah and hang out. because its expensive and your still smoking tobacco. Weather its flavored or not. It is was it is. As this is why the disposable hookah pen was born. Inexpensive, No tar No tobacco, very low nicotine, and every crazy flavor you can think of. Now, are they all alike. No defiantly not. We have tried many and found from not bad to pretty good to plain old awful. EC smokes to the rescue. You already know EC smokes reputation for having great tasting rechargeable Electronic cigarettes. Well now your about to experience a fantastic wonderful tasting portable Hookah pen from EC smokes. Now as usual we only want to bring you the best. So here�s the pros and cons. With over 20 flavors on the market. We found that most of them don�t even taste close to what they are supposed to. a lot of store owners we talked to said they don�t care because they sell well. That doesn�t cut it with us. We want to bring you the very best out there. So we wont be coming out with 20 flavors right away. As a matter of fact we only found 4 flavors that will absolutely blow you away. So that�s where we are starting. And those flavors are. Apple, Watermelon, Banana and Blueberry. we are working with the factory to come up with more really great tasting flavors. And We will put them out there. But until then we wont jeopardize our good name and reputation. We know when you see EC smokes on the package. You know its going to be Good. Remember our slogan? When it comes to quality and flavor � We smoke the competition � Our New Hookah pens are do to arrive on 8/30/2013 we will keep you posted. In the mean time, I want to thank you for being such loyal customers. Its been a pleasure serving you. Joe ~ EC smokes
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