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EC smokes New Product Line

Posted by EC smokes on 9/8/2013 to Electronic Cigarettes
You spoke and we listened. Over the past year and a half we have worked very hard to bring you the very best in Electronic Cigarettes. But many of you wanted more. You asked for Hookah Pens or disposable Hookah sticks. Well this week you will be able to purchase our brand new product. The EC smokes Disposable Hookah pens. In 4 great flavors. Apple, Banana, Watermelon and Blueberry. We have searched all over china to bring you the very best. Here at EC smokes we turned away many popular flavors. Just because they didn't past the test. Two of my personal favorites are cherry and grape. I couldn't wait to try the samples. Well to my disappointment they didn't taste like what they claim to be. And we are not going to carry something just to have more flavors. But the 4 flavor we did like are so good that we stuck with the company that makes them, and asked them to work on the other flavors so we can carry them in the future. But Thatís not all! We were also asked to carry ego style Vaporizers and E liquids. Well we listened again. Starting next week you will be able to order our New. eGo -T CE4 Vaporizer Double Starter Kit with 900 mAh Batteries. Available in Black or White. This double kit contains 2x 900mAh eGo-T Batteries 2x CE4 Cleartomizer (Clear or Smoke Black) 1x USB Charger 1x Charging Adapter 1x eGo Zipper Carrying Case 1x Empty e-Juice Bottle 1x Manual Last but not least! EC smokes E juice. We have found one of the very best labs in the United states to make our EC smokes E juice. Yes I said the United States. We can have any flavor we want made in any mg But just to get started we will go with Five Flavors . and have two Strengths. 0mg and 12mg All of the products we offer are accurately labeled, and processed under hygienic conditions, We currently have in place strict protocols surrounding the proper processing and production of our e-liquid products. EC smokes E- juice is custom made for us and is fresh made to order using only the highest quality concentrated flavoring, and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Food Grade Propylene Glycol (PG) & Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
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