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EC smokes Vapor shop maybe the new kid on the block. but is off to a great start. with over 70 flavors now in stock they already blow away the competition in volume. but that's not all, the E liquid is made in the USA and is pharmacopoeia grade and kosher grade. not to mention some of the best tasting E liquids anywhere. and this is not EC smokes talking this is straight from our customers. our list of flavors range from Mothers Milk to dragon fruit. to all the standards. but then the very long list of Custom flavors kicks in and that list my friend is too long to mention. now not only does EC smokes vapor shop carry every Vaporizer and tank on the market. but their products are authentic and sold by a knowledgeable staff that not only Vapes but are all trained in building for those of you that like to drip! yes we are talking about You Cloud Chasers. we not only carry top of the line Mechanical Mods but we have the Juice to back it up. our EC smokes Cloud Chaser series is the perfect match. 90% VG AND 10% PG with just 3mg of nicotine. we also have a coil building department with coil building lessons given on site for free! if your anywhere in the Garfield NJ Area please stop in and check us out. we are only minutes away from Lodi, Hackensack, Clifton, east Rutherford, fair lawn. Wallington and Hasbrouck heights. we also have a try before you buy policy. a lounge for relaxing while we show a new Movie every night on our 70 inch TV We also have a cozy fire place massage chairs and Xbox. free Wi fi and plenty of good conversation. hope to see you soon!

Yelp Reviews

Posted by EC smokes Vapor shop on 11/14/2015 to EC smokes Vapor Shop

EC smokes Yelp reviews 

Here are a few Yelp reviews you may not get to see because they have a system that incorrectly filters reviews. we work really really hard to give our customers great service and when they leave us a positive review we appreciate it. when we get a not so good one it bothers me and i do the best to fix the situation if there is one. we have found two things to be true. One is that the more popular we become the less our competition likes it and they attack us. we don't practice that here because it doesn't make us better. Two.  Yelps filter or Algorithm  system doesn't work. I understand they are trying to give the public the best and most honest reviews possible. but they have taken down many authentic reviews and left some fake 1 star reviews competitors have left. we have even called them with the proof we found where some of the reviewers work behind the counters of other shops and we have caught them red handed. so here are a few you wont get to see unless you click on Yelps not recommended section. Hope this is helpful to you and some of the store owners that have complained about the same thing since yelp is not willing to help.

Beware of Phony Reviews

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It has come to our attention that some shops use phony reviews to boost their rating on sites like Google and Yelp. While there is not much we can do about this we are putting this warning out to our customers as well as legitimate Vapor shop owners. while our customers are very happy with us . some local shop owners are not. and I still will not bad mouth them because that does not make us better and that seems to be their way of leveling the playing field. I just work harder and try to bring more to the table for my customers. Anyway watch out for this not so Good guy!

EC smokes Vapor Shop

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EC smokes Vapor Shop 138 Midland Ave Garfield NJ 07026

EC smokes Vapor Shop Located in Garfield NJ 07026

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EC smokes Vapor shop Grand opening Sept 2 2014

 EC smokes Vapor Shop
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 EC smokes Vapor Shop
 EC smokes Vapor Shop Located in Garfield NJ 07026
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