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EC smokes leads the way

Posted by Administrator on 10/19/2013 to Electronic Cigarettes
EC smokes has now added to its list of E juice Flavors. With the popularity of the Ego style kits with the big, big batteries and freshly made E juice to Vape them. Its become apparent that the public is turning slightly away from the standard Electronic Cigarette and trending more to the longer lasting do it yourself Vaping style. The bigger batteries are longer and stronger so you don’t have to charge them as often. And also gives the recreational Vapor a bigger choice of flavors. While the main stream hardcore smokers and x cigarette smokers feel more comfortable with the traditional E cigarette .its less likely that they will be using the newer vaping style any time soon. But have no fear. Here at EC smokes we have you covered. Weather you like the prefilled cartridge that come with the EC smokes starter kits and flavor cartridges or you want to fill it yourself with freshly made E juice from the bottle. Made here in the USA. We have much to choose from. The regular Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes come in 11 different flavors that vary from a Marlboro tasting flavor and Menthol to Green apple and Cherry. And now our Premium Liquid E juice with 22 exciting flavors. Is in full swing. If you like the fruit flavors but prefer a disposable. We also carry disposable Hookah pens. Here is a list of our Current E juice flavors. When it comes to quality and flavor. “We smoke the Competition” Premium Tobacco, Premium Menthol, Vanilla bean, Cinnamon roll, Double chocolate, Just juicy, Rad bull, Kentucky bourbon, Orange Creamsicle, Snickerz, Peanut butter, Pomegranate, Cherry cola, Grape kookaid, Pina colada, Watermelon, Black cherry, Spearmint, Green Apple, Hazelnut Coffee, Hawaiian fruit, Cinnamon Red hot.
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