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How many flavors do you need ?

Posted by EC smokes on 8/30/2013 to Electronic Cigarettes
wow! have you been to a convenience store lately ? there is just a maze of electronic cigarettes, mini hookahs, e liquids. roll your own. I thought we were trying to get away from bad habits. its now a national past time. I mean, I get it. your trying to quit smoking and want to smoke a little healthier. so when I started EC smokes. we started with a few basic flavors that would taste somewhat similar to what you are smoking now and trying to give up. this seems to be the most logical way. but from a business stand point you have to give the customers what they want. and what we are seeing is more flavors. bigger amounts of Vapor and hundreds of choices. all my advisers. which are mostly family and friends are all saying get hookahs, no get Liquids ,no just pour flavoring over the house ands set it on fire. well, no one really said that. but you get my point. so to stay somewhat completive. we are now selling disposable hookah pens. only four flavors for now because the others I have tried don't taste like what they claim. and I just wont sell a product if I don't believe its the best I can offer. so we are going to walk before we run. but how may flavors do you really want. between our electronic cigarettes and hookah pens we have 14 flavors. isn't that enough? well I guess not be my oldest son tells me he buys e liquids that they will mix for you. like cherry coke with green apple. what? are you smoking that or is that desert ? Lol well anyway just thought I would weigh in. one thing I can say for sure. when it comes to quality and Flavor. " we smoke the competition "
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 How many flavors do you need ?

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