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Investor/Partner Wanted

Posted by Administrator on 10/23/2013 to Electronic Cigarettes
Investor/ Partner wanted. EC smokes is one of the fastest growing Electronic Cigarette companies on the east coast with sales that have more than tripled from last year, although we are a young company thousands have tried our products that are sold online and in local convenience stores. And the feedback has been great. EC smokes has been reviewed over and over again with high praise for our quality products and Great customer service. We also sell disposable Hookahs and eGo starter kits as well as Premium E juice made right here in the USA. Made fresh with the highest quality ingredients money can buy. With our sudden growth comes more responsibility and a need for extra hands. But hands that will treat this business with the same commitment to our customers and a work ethic that will drive us to the top of our game. If this sounds like you please contact us through our web site for more detailed information to become part of this dynamic Company. Either on a investor level or a partner. Take control of your future and become your own boss today
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Deborah Mason Date 1/25/2014
Please contact me. I'm very interested in your company.
samuel Akpan Date 9/7/2016
I need a tent an also supply of all brand of ur cigarettes
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