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Made in China

Posted by Administrator on 8/19/2013 to Electronic Cigarettes
Made in China. Has anybody noticed 99% of all Electronic Cigarettes are made in china. thatís right! they are almost all made there. There are companies that claim their product are made here. One even says An American company. Made in china. Thatís funny! But have you ever wondered why ? Well its pretty simple. Nobody has stepped up and decieded to do the production here. Now there are a few companies that strictly make for them selfís. Mostly E juices. And there are a few companies that think because they are buying from a local upstate company that claims to sell wholesale and OEM the products for you. But in truth they are getting everything made in china and then shipped to you from the USA. You see China has taking the lead in manufacturing. And let me assure you of one thing, here at EC smokes we have done our homework and we have found the very best Electronic Cigarette manufacture in all of China. The company we use makes one type of product. Electronic Cigarettes and accessories. now I have a few connections in china where my products are made. And the same factory that makes radar detectors can turn around and make ski jackets tomorrow. thatís why so much is made and imported from china. Electronic Cigarettes are no different. People think we buy there because the price is really cheap. thatís not true! For 1) the prices are all attached to (MOQ) Minimum order quantities of a few thousand pieces and 2) the shipping is astronomical. Unless your shipping by boat. Which nobody does because it can take well over a month. Most of us use UPS,DHL and so on. The price for shipping is in the thousands. Then there is custom duties and taxes. And if there is a problem or defect. Good luck sending it back. So if you ever wondered why so many E Cigs are made in china. Its because ,There is no other choice.. And if you decide to open up a factory here in the united states. Please Look me up!
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jonas Date 8/20/2014
Hey! I unfortunately don't have a source but i seem to remember reading that the invention of e-cig and liquid came from a Chinese scientist/lab, which in my mind makes it logical for the products to primarily come from there. Cheers
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