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Menthol Premium Starter kit

Part Number 49
Menthol Premium Starter kit
Menthol Flavor - Starter kit
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Our New Premium starter kit has a stronger battery for longer life and more Vapor. We have added a extra cartridge which is the equivalent to a extra pack of cigarettes. that means you get a total of three packs of cigarettes.Our Number One seller is The Premium EC~Starter Kit. which gives you everything you need to get started. Each EC ~Pack contains. One long lasting battery to power your Flavor Cartridges. Three Flavor Cartridges. One USB Charger. Each Flavor cartridge Gives you over 300 Puffs. which is Equivalent to one pack of Cigarettes. Cartridges are a mixture of Ingredients. Including Nicotine and flavored water. The Nicotine Gives you That same calming Affect you get when you are smoking a regular cigarette. The Flavored Water Creates a mist of Smoke That taste Similar To Your Favorite Brand of Cigarettes. There is No Tar. No Tobacco. And No Odor. and most important. No second hand smoke!

There aren't too many things that you get to do every day that are more satisfying than that first puff of smoke with your morning coffee. Same goes with that cigarette at lunch, when you haven't had a smoke for 4 or 5 hours. It's hard to give that feeling up, even when you know the down side of that enjoyment; the ash, the second hand smoke, the tar that stains your fingers and makes the breath smell foul. That's why you'd have to be crazy to not at least try an e-cigarette once, because they have none of that nastiness, but all of the relaxation and enjoyment of the smoking itself. And, in case you haven't heard, e-cigarettes cost a lot less.

If you're currently smoking Kools, Newports, or any of the other menthol smokes out there, a great way to check out the e-cig movement is the Menthol Premium Starter Kit. It has everything you need to give electronic cigarettes a proper shot. Most smokers get the same satisfaction they did from the old tobacco cigarettes, and none of them miss the tar and ash and stink. Each Premium Starter Kit comes with a high-powered rechargeable battery, plus the charger, of course. You also get three delicious menthol cartridges to try, with each lasting longer than a pack of your old smokes. Once you've experienced how satisfying that "vaping" can be, come back to EC Smokes and check out all the different flavor cartridges and vaping accessories we offer. Enjoy the Mist!

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