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Realvapereview and EC smokes Giveaway

Posted by EC smokes on 6/5/2013
A quick story. almost a year ago I watched one of Dan's reviews on his you Tube channel realcigreview. After watching a couple reviews and seening how many subscribers he had. I thought wow! this would be great advertising for my site. so after contacting him we agreed I would send some product for review. a couple days later I noticed he reviewed a company and they got around 135,000 Views. my first thought was cha ching $$$ This is a home run. then I actually watched the review and when I heard him say something like, that was a waste of $7.99 I almost sh_t myself. all I could think about was how do I stop this mad man from reviewing my product. after telling myself what a good product we have and how I did all the research and hard work to get a good product. I really have nothing to worry about. well it took Dan about seven months to review EC smokes. and I gotta tell you. it was the longest most stressful seven months of my life. to make a long story short. he did have a couple things he wasn't thrilled about. but for the most part he really enjoyed our product and gave us high marks. if you like you can check out the review on his other channel realcigreview. he has over 20,000 subscribers. and to date that one review has over 22,000 Views. just a little advise for anyone thinking about sending Dan some product for review. Make sure your product is good and make sure you can handle the results. Dan tells it like it is! For more information on the Giveaway. Go to



stephanie linn
Date: 7/13/2013
I love ecsmoke . Been using it one year this month, God send. I'm always advertising your products too my friends, since finding the review 2months ago my friends and family are turning to examples. Thanks for the great products and fast shipping.

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