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Tobacco   Custom made pre filled in the USA Cartridges
Tobacco or Menthol pre filled USA E liquid 10 pack

Tobacco Custom made pre filled in the USA Cartridges

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Nicotine strength
Tobacco flavor
Pre filled Tobacco flavored cartridges with fresh USA E liquid
5 Different Flavors to choose from
We are filling our  pre filled cartridges right here in our lab with our made in the USA  Premium E juice.

This is top of the line quality. Not made in China. Made right here filled one at a time.
no more half empty china cartridges. we fill them to the top with premium 
USA pharmacopoeia grade and Kosher grade VG and PG 
The finest Nicotine money can buy. 
Our packaging may take a little while to perfect. so hang in there:)
but the quality can not be beat. Try one today and you will see why they say!
when it comes to value for your money " We smoke the competition"

 ** Note**  Our new made in the USA Cowboy red taste  similar to the older pre filled Cowboy red cartridges we have made in China. These new made in the USA are much better quality ingredients and are USA pharmacopoeia and kosher grade VG/PG (There is a taste difference). But so far our customers love the New Cowboy Red.

*Note*  Fresh USA  E liquid has a stronger taste then the china made

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